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Water as Fuel

    Einstein's theory of relativity E=Mc^2 states that all matter is composed of energy.  Because water is denser than gasoline, it has more energy per gallon, stored in the form of hydrogen.  When an electric charge is attached to two underwater plates, a field forms between the plates.  This field pulls on the positive and negative sides of the water molecule.  If the pull is strong enough, the bond will break, and hydroxy gas is released.


In water, two hydrogen atoms each donate an electron to an oxygen atom.  This fills the oxygen's outer valence shell, called covalent or ionic bonding.  The usually neutral H and O atoms become positively and negatively charged, and attract each other.  If strong enough, an electrical field can overcome the attraction, break the bond, and release hydrogen and oxygen gas.

The Pulse Generator

Meyers used resonating, high voltage pulse trains to energize submerged, concentric, stainless steel tube pairs.  Like organ pipes, the outer tubes were notched to match the inner tube, presumably for acoustic resonance.  An LC tank circuit, characterized by an inductor and capacitor, also has a resonant frequency, a frequency at which the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance are equal.  I believe the key is to use a self resonating power source that tunes into the natural oscillation frequency of the circuit and may even match the acoustic resonance of the cell, with the goal of acheiving high voltage across the electrodes and curtailing current. Current is minimized by choke coils and by the dielectric chromium oxide layer which forms on the plates.  Also, the plates need to be suspended, not fixed, so they can vibrate slightly.  This cavitation may help break the surface tension of the water and improve dissociation.



A USB Controlled PWM

left: 2 x LTC6904 1khz - 67Mhz programmable oscillators
center: 2 x OPA633 high speed buffers
center bottom: 1 x Arduino Microcontroller w/ USB
right: 2 x IRF840 500V/8A high--power MOSFETs


555 PWM by Dave Lawton, replicated by Ravi


Step by step instructions on building a WFC and Pulse Generator


The late Stan Meyers died at a business dinner in 1998 at age 57.  He was meeting with two supposed Polish investors, who disappeared from the scene and were never questioned.  The official coroner's report cited a neck aneurism.  Several eye witnesses reported Meyers shouting about being poisoned, running into the parking lot, and collapsing.



The investigating officer...

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We have everything to gain by converting to water fuel.  Spread the truth!

Throughout history, the established scientific community is always last to accept unconventional wisdom.



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